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Fairhope High School
Legends Walk Brick Paver Project

For additional information or questions, email bckeyser@aol.com or call 251-463-5340 or the school office at 928-8309.

When you purchase a LEGEND WALK PAVER, your PAVER Inscription will receive FREE 24/7 representation, all year long, via www.piratenationlive.com (VALUE - $1,000).  You only pay either $75 or $150 for the Legend paver - ORDER NOW!.  GO PIRATES!

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Celebrating the legacy of  Fairhope Pirate Sports Teams/Players of Past and Today for Tomorrow
Fairhope High School is preserving its Pirate Sports Team history with the opportunity for the public to purchase Pavers for placement on the "Legend Walk" to celebrate past and present Teams and athletes.  The walkway will serve as a perpetual reminder of the school’s athletic heritage and provide inspiration for future Pirates to strive for personal and athletic excellence.

The Project is managed by the Fairhope Pirate Booster Club; a fundraiser for the Booster Club's support of Pirate athletic teams, and means to recognize athletes, coaches and support staff that have contributed to Pirate athletics.  The first block of 17 pavers have been delivered, and after the city public works department removed sections of the sidewalk at the entrance to the gym, the brick paver walkway was laid during spring break.  4 x 8 pavers are $75 and have three lines of text, with 18 characters per line.  8 x 8 pavers are $150 and have 6 lines of text with 18 characters per line.
Fairhope High School Athletic Director Tim Carter states, "Fairhope High School has a deep tradition of excellence in all facets of the school environment from academics to athletics.  As you walk through the community the pride in Fairhope is reinforced constantly by the shirts, flags, and logo's that adorn our town.  The Legends Walk is another example of how the athletic alumni are giving back to their alma mater.  It shows a pride and commitment
How to purchase a paver -- 
You may purchase your "Legend Walk" paver by visiting www.piratenationlive.com and printing an order form for submission, or purchase online.  Information and orders may also be secured by visiting the Front Office of the Fairhope High School.  You may also purchase a paver at the monthly Pirate Booster Club meeting on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Fairhope High School Library.
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